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Living Wall

Our aim is to source, fund and install a living wall across the perimeter of the school. 

Here is a mock up illustration of how the living wall may look at St Mary's Catholic Primary School:

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What is a living wall?

Living walls or green walls are self sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior of a building.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces urban heat island effect and smog

  • Cleans outside air of pollutants and dust and offsets the carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions

  • Cleans interior air space by removing VOCs and other harmful toxins like benzene and formaldehyde

  • Acts as a sound proofing barrier

  • Soil and plants are a natural filter that can clean the water that flows through the wall


Here is an accurate outline of the perimeter of the school:


Our Goals

One of our goals is to install a living wall at St Mary's Catholic Primary School in Chiswick.

The cost to achieve this goal will be in the region of £ 70,000 (which would include at least 3 years maintenance).

We’re also looking at installing Air purifiers inside each classrooms and well as planting more trees around the premises.

If you are a supplier, or know someone that can assist with helping us achieve our goal, please get in touch by completing the simple form below. Thank you in advance!

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